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Welcome to Brunswick & Topsham Water District

We have been serving the communities of Brunswick and Topsham since 1903.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most reliable and affordable drinking water possible. With our highly trained and professional staff, and through diligent monitoring and management, we have been able to preserve and improve on our mission for over a century.

We are providing this web page to our customers to not only educate and assist in water use and conservation, but also to facilitate communication between members of the community and the District.

I bring sad news. We learned yesterday that Harold Hutchinson passed away this past Sunday. Hutch's wife Barbara died last Friday. Hutch served as a Trustee of the District from 1972 to 1982, and from 1994 to 2013. 


Hutch was an old-school engineer, and with his broad and deep experience knew how to move a project from idea to design and from construction to making it work. He had a great sense for the “civil” in Civil Engineering – that buildings, highways and bridges, sewers and drains, and especially the public water system – are built for and owned by the public. Civil engineering projects must work, be cost-effective, and be safe.

He helped build and maintain our mission and vision accordingly.

He served you, our customers, well.


I think Hutch knew the whole staff here. He'd drop by the office once in a while just to say hi to everyone, and at Christmas distributed jars of their famous pickles. Hutch and Barbara were just plain nice people and we are saddened. Nevertheless, the timing of their passing seems fitting and even poetic, which somehow lessens the sadness. We remember them fondly and will miss them.

Obituaries can be found here: Hutch and Barbara